Jane Gregorius and Lynda Watson

"Participating in the Project, Christo and Jean Claude: The Gates, Central Park, New York City. A personal account of working in the press office at the project."

Andy Ruble

"Approaching the wheel as a sculptural tool."

Daniel Jocz

"Flocking, The Art of Fuzzy Thinking in Jewelry"

Kee-Ho Yuen

"Technology and Eclecticism: Creative Metal Work of Kee-ho Yuen"

Harlan Butt

"Trying To Get It Right, Thirty years of Metalwork by Harlan Butt"

Brent Skidmore

"Ming-Ding Demonstration: Unbelievable textures in wood"

John Armstrong

"Multipass Monoprinting"

Terry Hogan

"Landscape Painting as Process"

Linda Connor

Photography: Sacred Imagery & the Unknowable

David Taylor

Photography: Go West: Manifest Destiny and Utopia

Jerry Burchfield

Photography: Use & Abuse



2006 Presenters